jeudi 29 avril 2010

Planches de recherches baigneuses

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duenneduetti a dit…

Nice job Sophie!;)
which software do you usually use to make these illustrations (photoshop, painter... ?)

Raquel Diniz a dit…

I really loved your illustrations are beautiful and unique. How does he follow you on your blog?
Take a look at my blog has some of my drawings too .. do it for fun.

Sophie Griotto a dit…

Thank you to apreciate my work!!!
I work on wacom tablet with Photoshop and Painter. But above all, i search
on paper and create my fabrique with inks.

duenneduetti a dit…

Thanks you Sophie! it's a long time I follow your work and I like it very much. The way you use the color is so attractive!

Nina Lindgren a dit…

very very nice!